Dawn Chung
Intervention & Learning Specialist Faculty - Moderate Needs



Dawn is originally from New Hampshire. She moved to Missoula, MT to earn her B.A. in Environmental Science. She then completed the Dual Masters program at the University of Colorado at Denver for Elementary Education and Special Education. She has previously taught at Firefly Autism, the Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning as a 2nd and 3rd grade multi-aged classroom teacher, the Istanbul International Community School as a 2nd grade teacher, the Downtown Denver Expeditionary School as a K-3 Special Educator, and the Odyssey School of Denver as a K-8 Special Educator and Intervention Coach. Dawn enjoys cooking healthy meals for her family, skiing, biking, swimming, and spending time outside. Her husband, Heesoo, is an Environmental Geophysicist, soccer player, and tele skier. Her toddler, Olivia, is an artist, swimmer, and lover of language.

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