John Graves II
Drama/Librarian Faculty



Mr. Graves grew up in the woods of Massachusetts and the mountains of New York. Before establishing our ECE-5th Drama Program, he served as the WCE Librarian. He’s worked with students in Denver Public Schools since 2005. He received a B.A. in Elementary Education from Ashford University and has training through the Stanley British Primary Teacher Licensure Program. He digs survival stories, making comics, playing 4Square, and encouraging students to ask why and how questions. Mr. Graves, his son, and his girlfriend are often on a trail.


In Drama, we imagine, create, perform, and critique.

First and always, we work together to create a hard-working and fun classroom where everyone feels safe to take chances.

We analyze how and why people tell stories--specifically through theatre.

We discuss and practice how to work together to adapt, develop, and produce performances. Some are scripted and some are improv--some are on stage and some are off stage.

We play imaginative games to tell stories through physical gameplay.

We create stage works from scratch and learn collaborative storytelling games.

We find ways to use our voice, body movement, and stage presence to convey character.

We develop ways to give and take critiques that are both useful and positive.

We reflect and share on our progress as a group and as individuals.

"See you in the Blue Room!" --Mr. Graves

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