Kendall Binder
Computer Technology Faculty




Mr. Binder was born and raised on the coast of Lake Erie in Ohio. He grew up riding roller coasters and working at Cedar Point. Mr. Binder attended Bowling Green State University in Ohio and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Scientific and Technical Communication and a Master of Arts in Popular Culture--where his thesis, Rural Hysteria, focused on rurality and socio-political bullying issues. After doing ethnographic research in New York City in 2011, Mr. Binder moved back to Ohio to complete his MBA in Marketing and Management from Tiffin University. Mr. Binder decided to move further West in 2014 and found Denver to be a quaint, comfortable urban environment. He decided to complete his Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Denver after substitute teaching for a year in Denver County. Mr. Binder joined DPS in 2016 as a substitute teacher while apprenticing Mrs. Stromberg’s 2nd grade Literacy class at WCE during the 2016-2017 school year. This is Mr. Binder’s second year at WCE and he is very proud to teach young minds the culture of technology and applied technology while collaborating with classroom teachers.

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