Important Expectations and Rules for Morning Breakfast

Posted 01/23/2020

Important Breakfast Reminder


Parents, Guardians, Family Members: if your student eats breakfast at Westerly Creek Elementary School, please read over the following rules and expectations for breakfast with your students. 


According to the Family Student Handbook (refer to page 16 at the link provided here):


CLICK HERE to Access the Family Student Handbook


Breakfast begins at 8:30am and is served until 8:50am. A Parent, Guardian, or Family Member need to accompany and supervise their children until 8:45am. Supervision will be provided starting at 8:45 am for any children still seeking breakfast.


We’ve had many students try to enter for breakfast after 8:50am. It is a great idea to have students get to school by 8:45am for breakfast. This will give them 10 minutes to eat before the first bell rings. 


Please remind your students of the following expectations for breakfast:
  1. Breakfast begins at 8:30am only if the student is with a parent, guardian, or family member.
  2. Breakfast begins at 8:45am if the student is not with a parent.
  3. All students must enter from the EAST entrance by the flag pole.
  4. All students must go directly to the cafeteria and eat breakfast inside the cafeteria.
  5. If students finish breakfast before the 8:55am bell, students must exit at the blacktop doors and go outside.
  6. Students who arrive for breakfast at 8:51am will be turned away.
  7. Breakfast time after 8:50am is reserved for our Autism Program.

If it is an inside day, the same rules apply, however:

  1. All students will be permitted in the building at 8:45am.
  2. Students may get breakfast at 8:45am or students will report to their classroom hallway.
  3. Students may not “hang” out in the cafeteria on an inside day.
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