Vision, Hearing, & Dental Screenings – FEB 10-13 – OPT Out Instructions

Posted 01/16/2020

Vision, Hearing, and Dental Screenings at Westerly Creek

Denver Public Schools provides free vision, hearing, and dental screenings for all students in identified grades (Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 5th). Please note 4th grade is not included.

The screenings are NOT an assessment or an evaluation and do NOT replace professional exams. Mass screening is considered best practice to identify students who may be at risk for health concerns affecting the student’s ability to learn, and who may need extra support to reach academic benchmarks.


Your student will receive screenings in the following areas:

Vision, Hearing, and Dental. Resources are available for DPS enrolled students.


You must notify your school nurse directly should you wish to REFUSE/OPT OUT of any of the free screenings for your student.


The health screening components will be completed at Westerly Creek Elementary on:


Dates: February 10th – 13th Initial Screenings

February 18th – 19th Recheck Screenings


Please contact Shreka Thomas at for any questions or concerns about the health screenings.  Parents/guardians of students who were absent or who did not have optimal hearing, vision or dental screening results will be notified in writing regarding the results.


Thank you for your assistance as we work together to educate and support your student!

Download the DPS notification letter HERE.

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