WCE Remote Learning Site

Posted 04/06/2020

Remote Learning Site: 2-Step Process to Access

Welcome to our Westerly Creek Elementary School Remote Learning Platform. You will find grade-level specific information about at-home learning opportunities for your student on this site and resources that will be beneficial to you while helping to engage your student in learning during this time.

First, the site is ONLY accessible if your STUDENT is logged into their DPS Student Google Drive:

  1. Go to drive.google.com
  2. Click on Personal “Go to Google Drive” blue button
  3. Do not log in using a personal gmail account
  4. Sign into Google Drive using your 6-digit lunch number email address (######@dpsk12.net)
  5. Use your Birthday Password: mmddyyyy
  6. Sign into the blue DPS Google Site using just your 6-digit lunch number as your username and your birthday password.
TIP: Always use Google Chrome and stay logged into DPS Google Drive

Second, click HERE to access the WCE Remote Learning Site.
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