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Yarn Bombing at WCE! It’s an Art! Our 4th and 5th grade artists have been learning about street art and specifically yarn bombing. Yarn bombing is a non-permanent style of street art (visual art in public spaces) that uses yarn or other fibers to transform sterile or otherwise over looked spaces. Our art teacher, Erin Lea-Dougherty, is working with 5th graders to use Rainbow Loom bands to weave long ropes that will be installed in the stairwell by the cafeteria. Our 4th graders are using yarn to transform the stairwell by music and the railing by gym. To the right you’ll see a picture of Ms. Grant’s homeroom starting their work. As students continue to work on these projects, these areas are going to grow in visual interest and people will want to have a closer look. Please ensure that students are not pulling on the strings as it will destroy the artists’ hard work. On behalf of Miss Erin and the 4th and 5th grade artists, thank you for your support of our creative endeavors! Take a look at these videos which provided inspiration: HoTTeaYarn Bombing

Help Define The Denver Plan | Our Roadmap To Success: In Denver Public Schools, we believe that every child has a bright future within their reach, and that we need to do everything we can to ensure all students realize that incredible potential. That’s why we need all members of the DPS community—parents, community members, students and staff—to get involved and share their ideas about the Denver Plan, a roadmap to success that will outline our goals and how best to achieve them. Updating the Denver Plan will provide additional clarity related to our vision of Every Child Succeeds, define key goals that form the foundation of this vision and identify key strategies that will ensure we achieve those goals. Let your voice be heard! Click here for meeting dates and to get involved in the Denver Plan update process.

5th Grade Teacher, Alicia FaJohn, ROCKED! Alicia FaJohn rocked her first media event where she was invited to speak alongside of DPS Superintendent, Tom Boasberg, about the positive impacts of the Differentiated Roles Pilot on Teachers and Students at Westerly Creek.  The Differentiated Roles program is creating new roles and opportunities for teachers to expand their impact on student learning and school culture while remaining in the classroom. Although it doesn’t appear in the quote, Alicia attributes the success of this pilot in our building to the ability and willingness of the teachers at WCE to take risks, work harder and smarter and reflect openly and honestly to shift their instructional practices.  Congrats to Alicia and the entire team for their work on this pilot.

Translated DPS Information for Parents Available Online: A variety of information is available online in seven languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Somali, Arabic, Amharic and Nepali. To access this translated information visit  http://communications.dpsk12.org/languages/index.html, then choose your preferred language in the right-hand navigation. We hope this resource is useful to our WCE families!

Parents & Guardians in the Classroom: While parents and guardians are welcome to visit and volunteer in our classrooms, prior arrangements are required. Please arrange these times in advance with the front office administration and/or your child’s teacher. If you have any questions about this policy you may call the front office at 720-424-3160.

All Guests Must Sign In: During school hours, ALL visitors and volunteers must enter through the main entrance on 28th Ave & Akron St to check in with the front office staff, AND wear the appropriate visitors badge visible at all times, then check out and exit through the main entrance doors. Please do not enter or exit the building through any other door. Thanks for your continued cooperation.

Safety and Parking Matters! Drop off and pick up times are very congested and busy at Westerly Creek.  To reduce problems and increase safety, please consider the following:

  • If you drive your children to and from school, consider parking 1-2 blocks away. The walk will be good for you!
  • REMEMBER the speed limit is 20 MPH in school zones. Slower would be better!
  • Please keep the drop off lanes moving on either end of the school in front of the entrance doors. Those lanes are for dropping children off only and are not parking spots.
  • Don’t park too closely to stop signs, crosswalks, or fire hydrants, and pay close attention to NO PARKING signs.
  • No parking in the WEST parking lot. This lot is for staff only. DO NOT PULL INTO THE LOT FOR ANY REASON.
  • Be considerate of the Auction Winner reserved spaces in the West and East parking lots. They are reserved 15 minutes before and after the morning and afternoon bells for the three families who won them at the auction. Feeling jealous? Don’t worry, they will be up for bid again in the spring for the 2014-2015 school year!
  • See also this important letter from Mrs. Corcoran sent home regarding a car/pedestrian accident that occurred on October 9, 2013.

Help Us Help You | Important Requests from WCE Administration

  • Minimizing Classroom Interruptions is Essential
  • Please Wait for the 3:45pm Dismissal Bell
  • DPS Intercom Door Policies and Procedures

…read on for details

Child Safety at WCE – Reminder: As outlined in the WCE parent handbook, every adult that enters the school grounds and building must first sign in and wear a visitor’s badge at all times. This applies to volunteers, visitors, parents dropping off school work, etc.

In addition, adults picking up a student early must be authorized in our system and show a valid picture ID. No exceptions. Enter only at the east entrance on Akron Street. Thank you for your cooperation.


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