Personal Success Factors

Personal Success Factors

At WCE, we believe in the development of the whole child. We also know college and career success is tightly linked to student’s personal skills and strengths. Intelligence is not fixed, students with a growth mindset are more motivated to learn and exert effort, and outperform those with a fixed mindset.

As a school community we are learning how to embed character into routines by naming, modeling, teaching, and building an understanding of the Personal Success Factors: Growth Mindset, Social Intelligence, Gratitude, Zest, Optimism, Curiosity, Self-Control, Grit, and Purpose.

Download more information about Personal Success Factors (PSFs) from our Parent Engagement Night hosted on September 26, 2019 HERE.


WCE Celebrates Personal Success Factors Monthly

August & September

Growth Mindset

You take on new challenges with optimism, you believe that you can get smarter, and you are able to talk about what you’ve learned. 



Social Intelligence

You find solutions during conflicts with others, demonstrate respect for the feelings of others, and adapt to different social situations.





You recognize what other people do for you, show appreciation for opportunities, and express appreciation by saying THANK YOU or doing nice things for others.




You actively participate, show enthusiasm, approach new situations with excitement and energy, and invigorate those around you.




You believe that effort will improve your future, and you stay motivated when things don’t go well.




You eagerly explore new things, ask questions to deepen your understanding, and take an active interest in learning.




You come to class prepared, follow directions, get to work right away, and avoid distractions. You also remain calm when criticized, allow others to speak without interrupting, and remain polite even when you are stressed or angry.




You finish what you begin, stay committed to your goals, work hard even after failure or when you feel like quitting, and you stick with projects for more than a few weeks.




You are oriented toward a future goal and you can explain the reason for your goal.

Download a PDF of the  Personal Success Factors  HERE.

To learn more about Personal Success Factors follow the video link below:

DPS Personal Success Factors Video
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