6th Grade Math Placement Testing

6th Math Placement Test

5th-grade students have the option to take the DPS 6th-grade placement test with Mrs. Gruber during the week of May 16th at Westerly Creek. If you are a parent of a rising McAuliffe 6th grader, you have already received communication from that school on an option to take the assessment at that site as well.

What this test IS and what it is NOT

  • The 6th-grade math placement test is an assessment to determine readiness (80% demonstration of mastery or higher) to skip 6th-grade math and begin 6th grade in a 7th-grade math class.
  • This test is NOT for skipping an entire grade in all subjects.
  • This test is not for determining 6th-grade levels. (All middle school students at McAuliffe take 6th-grade honors math, there is no regular track versus advanced track. The same is true for DGS, DSA and DSST, etc.)

Who will/should take this test?

  • ALL students who participate in ‘Gruber Group’ for math and regardless of their 6th-grade enrollment site (i.e. private setting, out of state., etc.)
  • Anyone else who wants to see how they shake out. Anyone is welcome to give it a shot and there is no harm in an attempt.
  • Students with testing accommodations as part of an IEP or 504 plan will receive those testing accommodations.

Testing Options

  • At WCE and with Mrs. Gruber during the week of May 16th (Session #1 Monday 5/16, Session #2 Thursday 5/19)
  • At McAuliffe on Tuesday, June 7th (and if your student is attending McA for the 2022-2023 school year.)
  • Students can only take the test once. If you sign-up to take the assessment at McAuliffe and then decide to take it at WCE, that is fine (Assessed student reports are shared directly with each enrollment site.)

What happens after the test?

  • Mrs. Gruber will share score reports with students the following Monday.
  • Qualifying score reports and a recommendation for advanced placement (for students 80% or higher) will be shared on Friday, 5/20 directly and via email with the student, family, Principal, Dean, and GT Coordinators at each student’s future enrollment site.
  • WITH a qualifying score, each student and their family can decide whether an advanced placement is right for them and advocate either way with the school-based team.


Please reach out to Marie Gruber (marie_gruber@dpsk12.org) directly with any questions about this test, its purpose, which schools offer advanced placement, and/or whether or not your kiddo should take it.

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