Autism Walk – April 20 – Parents are Invited to Join!

Posted 04/19/2018

Hello WCE Community!

If the weather cooperates with us on Friday, April 20, 2018 – you are invited to join our students in our Autism Walk at 2:30 PM! If it is raining, the Autism Walk will be rescheduled. Please e-mail Lynae Stavely for concerns about cancellation:

Please check-in at the front office. After parents, friends, and family check-in at the front office, they will receive a visitor sticker. Then, meet students on the playground by the middle outside doors that are across from the cafeteria. Students and teachers will be walking using the following directions:

Students and teachers will be walking through the playground and out the gates on the west side of the Playground (There will be someone on the playground to help direct classes).

Once students and teachers reach the sidewalk on Xanthia Court, they will turn right and walk to the end of the side walk.

Students will turn right and walk the length of the school building down 28th Ave.

When students and teachers reach the stop sign at the front of the school, they will turn right onto Akron St and walk to the staff parking lot.

There will be CREEK Kid Council members helping guide classes along on this side of the building.

Students and teachers will turn right into the staff parking lot and re-enter the playground on the East side of the building (By the ECE hallway).

As students and teachers re-enter the playground every student will be given a ribbon and the students are invited to tie a ribbon to the playground fence (in designated areas) to show support of Autism Awareness.

Please feel welcomed to join us for this wonderful event!

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