End of the Year Websites for Our WCE Community

Posted 05/30/2020

We All Made It and Have a FUN Summer!

Congratulations to every WCE student who persevered through the last few months of school!

The following links are websites for the WCE Talent Show, 5th Grade Continuation, WCEs Art Gallery, and Book It to the CREEK.


WCE Talent Show by Ms. Stacy:

Primary: https://flipgrid.com/+wcetalentshow2

Intermediate: https://flipgrid.com/+wcetalentshow1


5th Grade Continuation (Student needs to be logged into their DPS student account to view):



WCEs Art Gallery Created by Ms. Erin and Ms. Weidner:



Book It to the CREEK:



Stay SAFE. Be WELL. 

We will see you all soon!

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