Student Health

Children who need medications administered at school and/or who have action plans for Anaphalaxis or Asthma must submit new forms each year to the School Nurse.  Download the following forms, complete and directed, and submit to the school nurse prior to start of the new school year starting, if the school year is underway, as soon as your child needs to begin receiving medications/have action plans at school.  Be sure to read the instructions for providing medications for the school to administer.

2017-18 School Year

Anaphylaxis Action Plan 2017-18-Epinephrine Med Order (1)
Student Med Treatment Release Agreement 2017-18 – Eng 17-18 (1)
Asthma Action Plan – Albuterol Med Order (2)2017-18


These forms can also be found at the DPS main website under Departments & Services, Nursing Services, Student Medication Forms.



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