Book It to the CREEK

Posted 09/02/2015

We are gearing up for our annual Book It to the Creek Celebration on Oct 2, taking place in the Gym starting at 9:20 a.m.!

There will be a school-wide celebration and prize distribution in the gym, followed by grade-specific “double recess” to enjoy the BOOK IT party, followed by lunch in the cafeteria.  Our Wolf Pack Club kids have a separate celebration in cafeteria.

BOOK IT Party double recess includes: DJ, obstacle course bounce house, chalk, bubbles, treats, games, etc.

Double Recess | Lunch Schedule

Kindergarten and ECE 11:00-11:25 | Kindergarten 10:55-11:35
1st Grade 11:35-12:00 | 1st Grade 11:30-12:10
2nd Grade 12:10-12:35 | 2nd Grade 12:35-1:00
No recess 12:35-1:00 | ECE PM Lunch 12:10-1:00
3rd Grade 1:00-1:25 | 3rd Grade 1:00-1:40
4th Grade 1:25-1:50 | 5th Grade 1:50-2:30
5th Grade 1:50-2:15 | 4th Grade

** When students are not at lunch or double recess, they will be in their classrooms.

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