Kacie Close
xSTREAM Faculty & STR




Kacie is the xSTREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Art & Math) teacher at Westerly Creek Elementary School in Denver Public Schools. She feels fortunate to have the opportunity to work with phenomenal students and teachers. 21st Century critical thinking and problem skills are so important for students in today's society. Kacie takes pride herself in offering students an education far beyond the traditional technology atmosphere.

Mrs. Close started as a traditional classroom teacher for 5 years. She moved on to become a technology teacher and got her Masters of Arts degree in Information Resources at the University of Arizona. She has worked as an educator in 4 states (California, Hawaii, Georgia and Colorado). Kacie continued to grow and learn everyday with the amazing technologically savvy world we live in, and developed a curriculum for her students that ensures them the opportunity to develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving, presentation, and research skills that will excel them into their future educational endeavors.

Kacie is married to a wonderful supportive man, and they have 3 sons. She enjoys riding bikes, reading, and creating/exploring new opportunities for her students.

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